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I don’t want people vĩ đại dislike u. I’m indifferent vĩ đại if they dislike u,” says Jobs. Well, this won’t be for everyone but it dazzles. Markedly better kêu ca Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs…

A deliriously quick-footed and orchestrally pitched character study, Steve Jobs is an ambitious, deeply captivating portrait of the high cost of genius.

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Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and the acting performances by Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen are enough vĩ đại give this movie 10 stars out of 10, not mentioning the editing, the cinematography and costume&decorations design

A great movie, even without the famous name of Steve Jobs this film would be an entertaining watch

It strips away the myth and icon and reveals Jobs for the hustler-huckster he was, just a smooth, smiling turtleneck, trying vĩ đại sell us something. In many ways, his film makes all other Jobs movies unnecessary.

While at times too over-the-top and operatic for its own good, those same flawed ingredients echo the rough edges that define the movie's iconic subject.

Danny Boyle's movie is meticulously crafted vĩ đại artful specifications, written in Aaron Sorkin's torrential style and acted vĩ đại perfection by a superb ensemble. Yet lượt thích Jobs' NeXT Cube in 1988, there's one obvious question that isn't satisfactorily answered: What does it do?

It's exhausting, impressionistic, and ultimately hollow, extraordinarily well-acted but not nearly as relevant as "The Social Network."

There’s no humanity in this grave disappointment that justifies the passion his fans feel for the father of the iMac. Steve Jobs and all of the characters around him fail vĩ đại come vĩ đại life in any absorbing fashion. They’re not real people; they’re all hashtags.

The film is almost lượt thích an Apple product itself; it's smart, streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and very accessible. It also has plenty of dark humour and genuine emotion vĩ đại spare.

First, I have vĩ đại mention about accomplished acting of Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen who is usually known for his roles in comedy movies. I can say that the movie couldn't live up vĩ đại my expectations. It would be more appropriate if the name of the movie was "Steve Jobs: Macintosh and Lisa" for the sake of meeting the viewers' expectations. Because, his marriage, relationship with Pixar, his illness and many important subjects were not mentioned in the movie.

A ton of build up and drama x3. its lượt thích watching the preparal for a heist then not seeing the heist. 3 times. .....................................

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Great cast and excellent acting but there's no story, it's just long scenes mostly focusing on three launches of products, the Macintosh, the NEXT Cube, and the iMac, and some of his relationship or non relationship with his daughter. Most of what I know about Steve Jobs is from this movie but even with what little I know I get the feeling that this movie tried vĩ đại make him look lượt thích a better person kêu ca he was. It's really sad that we give không tính phí passes vĩ đại losers lượt thích him.

Incredibly boring film. It seems Jobs spent his entire life attending new product presentations. I don't lượt thích Apple products but I wanted vĩ đại know more about this extraordinary man - unfortunately I feel I learned nothing about him from this 2 hours of tedium.

Production Company Universal Pictures, Legendary Entertainment, Scott Rudin Productions, The Mark Gordon Company, Entertainment 360, Decibel Films, Cloud Eight Films, Digital Image Associates

Release Date Oct 9, 2015

Duration 2 h 2 m

Rating R

Tagline Can a great man be a good man?

London Critics Circle Film Awards

• 1 Win & 6 Nominations