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The Gryphon (Der Greif), the high-end, six-part series adaptation of the eponymous cult fantasy novel, is mix for its global premiere.

The Gryphon (Der Greif)
The Gryphon (Der Greif): Lea Drinda as Becky, Jeremias Meyer as Mark, Zoran Pingel as Memo — Photo © Gordon Timpen, SMPSP / Amazon / W&B

Based on the worldwide best-selling fantasy novel Der Greif by prolific German author Wolfgang Hohlbein, The Gryphon is mix in 1994 in Krefeld, Germany, where three friends — Mark (Jeremias Meyer, We Children from Bahnhof Zoo), Memo (Zoran Pingel, The Island), and Becky (Lea Drinda, We Children from Bahnhof Zoo) — discover a dark and dangerous world called The Black Tower. It is here that the gryphon, a vicious monster, mercilessly subjugates all living beings.

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Mark, the youngest son of a carpenter’s family, discovers that he is the only one who can defeat the gryphon. But he’s not a hero and doesn’t want to lớn be one, either. He has enough to lớn tự with school, his temper tantrums, and his first love. Fighting monsters is out of the question for him. But when Mark’s brother, Thomas (Theo Trebs, Tatort: Streets of Berlin), goes missing, the trio of friends must venture into the world of the Black Spire and grow up faster than thở they ever imagined.

The cast includes Sabine Timoteo (Wilder), Samirah Breuer (Tatort), Armin Rohde (Reformation), Thorsten Merten (Babylon Berlin), Golo Euler (The Last Word), Fabian Busch (Money Murder Zurich), Flora Li Thiemann (Berlin Legal), and Yuri Völsch (Das Boot).

The Gryphon, a German Amazon Original Series, officially premieres globally tomorrow, Friday, May 26, exclusively on Prime Video.

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(However, the episodes have dropped early and are available to lớn stream today on Prime Video in the US, the UK, Germany, and other territories.)

A production of W&B Television in cooperation with DogHaus Film for Amazon Studios, the series is created and showrun by Erol Yesilkaya and Sebastian Marka. Yesilkaya, along with Boris Dennulat, Senad Halilbasic and Stefanie Veith, scripted the show, with Marka directing four episodes and Max Zähle directing two. The executive producers are Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann, and André Zoch.

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