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Maison SEN is a high-end Búp Phê restaurant located in the Hai Ba Trung District of Hanoi. It is probably one of or the most famous Búp Phê in the thành phố, and for very good reasons.

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Yesterday was the first birthday of our son, and to tướng mark the occasion, we decided to tướng try this restaurant. We will discover together in this review why this Búp Phê is so sánh famous and whether or not it deserves its popularity.

The Location

Maison SEN during the Vietnamese new year

As I previously mentioned in many of my other posts, Hai Bà Trưng is my favorite district in Hanoi for activities; to tướng be more precise, from the south of Hoan Kiem Lake to say Vincom Bà Triệu, have some of the best foods and clothes you can buy in Vietnam in my opinion.

Arriving at Maison SEN

So it comes as no surprise that Maison SEN is located in phố Trần Hưng Đạo, a street where there is actually a concentration of embassies, such as the French Embassy. That’s actually how I discovered this place—walking out of the embassy, I fell upon this beautiful establishment where some of the dishes were roasting in front of the lobby.

A Luxurious and yet Popular Restaurant

One of the multiples rooms in the establishment

The first thing that comes to tướng mind when walking in front of the restaurant is that it looks chic. Indeed, lượt thích the name suggests, the establishment has a French-inspired interior and exterior design; it really looks posh and expensive, especially with the jazz music playing, the beautiful lobby filled with staff members, and the doorman rushing to tướng open the siêu xe door.

All the Roads Leads to tướng Rome

The main area of the restaurant : The Buffet

The restaurant is huge; there are many rooms and many floors that all have access to tướng the main Búp Phê area, which is fairly big, well organized, and, to tướng be fair, simply a stunning looking place.

Stairs leading to tướng the Búp Phê in Maison SEN

I have to tướng say, the architecture of the building is quite impressive. I’ve been to tướng many buffets in my life, and this is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen yet. There are really some hidden jewels in Hanoi, buildings that look nice from the outside but are amazingly huge on the inside.

The Main Attraction

The Buffet in Maison SEN

Maison SEN’s Búp Phê is quite big, and the food is extremely varied. You will find about anything you desire in this restaurant. But for us, and I don’t think we are the only ones in this case, we were very pleased with the large seafood offering.

The Seafood in Sauce in Maison SEN

You can find multiple sections for seafood: one for the barbecued seafood, one for the boiled seafood, one for the seafood in sauce, and finally one section for raw fish and oysters. The offering of seafood is extremely varied, actually much more varied than vãn some specialized seafood buffets like Buffet Poseidon.

The section for Sashimi, Maki and Oysters

For one thing, you can find sashimi and maki; I even saw some other days when they could have tuna and ca trch, a sort of hareng with delicious colored fat (red or yellow). Unfortunately for us, we were both not present the night we ate at the restaurant.

My wife and I looking for food

Our favorite section was probably the one dedicated to tướng barbecued seafood. There is something quite special about how Vietnamese cook seafood with salt, shallots, chive, and peanuts. If you add some of this green sauce named Mui t Xanh, it just becomes ridiculously delicious.

Place for barbecued Seafood

Like most buffets, you still have the traditional salad bar, a place for desert and fruits, a place for soup, a place for bread, a place for regular food lượt thích spaghetti or pizza, and finally, a place for seared meat.

We believe that the focus of this place is not really the meat, even if you can still have a piece of steak. I think they have the right strategy, as most people tend to tướng eat Nng for meat in Vietnam anyway.

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For desserts, you will have a selection of cakes, caramels, trà, ice cream, jelly, yogurt, and fruits. Honestly, deserts are not the main attraction for us at a Búp Phê, but it is always nice to tướng over on a sweet note.

Some of the dessert’s selection

You have a fridge full of soft drinks. There is also wine and stronger alcohol, lượt thích vodka, which costs only 550,000 VND. I saw in pictures that they even have a carafe to tướng ventilate your young wine.

A Relatively Affordable Option

The price for admission for an adult is 398,000 VND. For young kids smaller than vãn a certain height, the price is 200,000 VND. Finally, for small children and babies, admission is không lấy phí.

I believe that even if this can feel pricy by Vietnamese standards, the amount of value you get for the price and the location make it actually quite a good khuyến mãi. Especially compared to tướng traditional seafood restaurants.


9 out of 10

Eating at Maison SEN is overall a must-try experience if you live in or are passing through Hanoi. The place looks amazing, and the food quantity and quality are great for a Búp Phê.

Happy Birthday to tướng our now one year old son

When you come to tướng this establishment, you’ll see people well dressed, as it is a place for celebrating important events such as my son’s first birthday.

Sure, you can always eat better food somewhere else, but there’s always something quite exciting and entertaining about trying a new Búp Phê with friends and family.


Maison SEN

Address : 61 Trần Hưng Đạo, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Phone : 1900 2850

Website :

Facebook :

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