Mental Coach Jegal | Tổng hợp phim mental coach jegal hay nhất | phim mental coach jegal 2023

Gil Je Gal (Jung Woo) is a former thành viên of the South Korean national Taekwondo team. But when he is caught up in a scandal, he is kicked off the team and permanently banned from returning as an athlete. He is reluctant lớn turn his back on the world of sports, however, ví has become a “mental coach” – a kind of sports psychologist who specializes in helping athletes who have fallen into poor size, or “slumps.” As part of his new line of work, he must help a young woman named Cha Ga Eul (Lee Yoo Mi). This woman is a short-track tốc độ skater who dreams of glory at the Winter Olympic Games. Although she is supremely talented and already has a World Championship gold medal under her belt, she has lost her self-belief and needs motivation. But Gil Je Gal’s task will not be easy: Ku Tae Man (Kwon Yool), another former Taekwondo star and a man whose path has crossed with that of Gil Je Gal in the past, has risen lớn become the director of the human rights center at the national athletics association. Sparks may fly when they are forced lớn work together. Meanwhile, the “mental coach” must also work with Park Seung Ha (Park Se Young), an athletes’ counselor who he previously met when he was an athlete. Will he succeed – and help bring home page a gold medal for South Korea? “Mental Coach Jegal” is a 2022 South Korean drama series that was directed by Son Jung Hyun.