Ngựa Chậm Full 6/6 VietSub + Thuyết Minh Slow Horses 2022

It really is an absolute thrill ride and a joy to tướng watch. Season 2 takes what worked in the first season and expands upon it exponentially. With nearly every episode ending on a cliffhanger, your only complaint may be that you have to tướng wait another week to tướng see what happens next.

The season has a determinedly cinematic quality that elevates it beyond most spy series, as does the first-rate writing. ... It's hard to tướng say if "Slow Horses" is a comedy first, a thriller second. It straddles genres deftly, perhaps creating its own in the process.

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Ignore OlivierPiel. He's a moron who gives literally everything a bad review. This is as good as spy thrillers get, it's that simple.

Best spy thriller I've seen years. A fascinating story andGary Oldman does a terrific job as the lead character.

Oldman’s performance is a gem. ... It goes off the boil a bit at the over, as these things often tự. But it’s solid entertainment. Jack Lowden taps into the low-key comic tone as River Cartwright, ostensibly the hero of the piece. Dustin Demri-Burns is a standout in this series as Min Harper, a nice guy but not the most competent of spies. Little touches give the show a fresh feel.

A show lượt thích this needs to tướng find the right rhythm, a balance between character and espionage plotting, and it’s almost dead perfect here, at least when the show focuses on the Slow Horses—long scenes with the kidnappers, especially in later episodes, feel lượt thích they could have been shortened a bit, to tướng be fair. It helps to tướng have a cast who completely understood the assignment.

Yes, you may need to tướng watch the season twice to tướng get a handle on how all the pieces fit together. ... The show (which has been renewed for two more seasons) has real energy. It’s funny and feels smart even when it’s not, with a focus on small and specific stories over the outsized global bombast that tends to tướng dominate espionage stories at the moment.

It’s not a show destined for obscurity lượt thích some of the characters it prizes most, but there’s a still a little room left to tướng hone its strengths.

Mood? Tense. Genre? Hokum. Script? By numbers. Likelihood of you catching whole series? I’ll get back to tướng you.

En líneas generales es una excelente serie sobre espías con cái personajes perfectamente definidos por una destacada labor de sus actores.

[SPOILER ALERT: This review contains spoilers.]

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"Slow Horses" (S01, 6-eps, 40-50+ mins, Apple) is a British counter-terrorism drama with a tinge of comedic elements that derive from MI-5's Slough House, a dumping ground for washed out counter-spies affectionately, er derisively, referred to tướng as slow horses. The nut of the plot is an Indian student in London needs to tướng be rescued from domestic terrorists before he's beheaded, and the "slow horses" that should be sidelined with time-wasting paperwork endeavor to tướng contribute to tướng the rescue. The pacing is slow, production values are low budget, and you have to tướng be inside British culture to tướng get alot of the references. Gary Oldman stars as Jackson Lamb, a horrible burned out curmudgeon who insults and denigrates almost anyone in his orbit. He's lượt thích "Dr House" without a filter. This turned bủ off initially but I grew numb to tướng it later. It's a decent watch, and the case is resolved, so sánh if there's a sophomore season, it'd feature a different storyline. I would be more enthusiastic if it had a more attractive cast and tripled its budget.

The titlular characters are British MI5 agents who have failed in some way, so sánh they're relegated to tướng a special house where they essentially tự nothing. Expectedly, that changes when they get involved with a terrorist abduction that veers off course. The cast is headed by Gary Oldman, as the sloppy, hard-drinking, often-farting head of this group. Oldman's character is certainly unpleasant and not in an enjoyably quirky way. The rest of the cast plays it straight, including Kristin Scott Thomas as the HQ quấn. As a result, the people aren't especially appealing or interesting. Furthering the lack of impact is the investigation, which follows a typical spy/criminal route with plenty of betrayals. The first episode's opening scene is riveting, but that level of action never materializes again. This is a moderately well-made series, but not an original addition to tướng the genre. (Review based on 4 of 6 episodes)

Lots of racist comments, too much witty repartee. Gross comments about bodily functions. And plenty of blood. Also enough purely British language that will just confuse many US viewers. All of that makes it hard to tướng appreciate Gary Oldman’s acting, let alone the plot.

Production Company:

  • See-Saw Films
  • 60Forty Films
  • Apple TV+
  • Pretty Pictures

Initial Release Date: Apr 1, 2022

Number of seasons: 4 Seasons

Rating: TV-MA

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USC Scripter Award

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