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The Good Detective 2: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

by solstices

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The truth is finally brought to lớn light, and our villain starts to lớn find that her very own methods are beginning to lớn spell her downfall. Our team bands together with some unlikely allies in order to lớn bring the true culprit down — will it work, or will she slip through their grasp yet again?



The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

The detective team surmises that Na-na likely faked her fainting episode to lớn convey the message that she’s under threat. Since it’s plausible that President Cheon would want to lớn target her in retaliation for the exposé interview she gave, she could be trying to lớn frame him by making it look lượt thích someone tampered with her insulin dose.

Ki-jin visits Yong-geun in prison, coming clean about the DNA analysis he ran on Hee-joo’s clothes. He wants to lớn use that to lớn continue blackmailing Na-na, just as Dong-jae did, in order to lớn secure himself a lifetime of money. Yong-geun advises him to lớn make it count if he’s going all the way; he ought to lớn pin everything on Sang-woo and tear him down for good.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Na-na voluntarily comes to lớn the police station to lớn give a testimony, though Ji-hyuk sees right through her — she’s attacking first in order to lớn protect herself and turn the situation in her favor. He’s right, because Na-na brings up the time they colluded and she deliberately let them conduct a tìm kiếm and seizure on her house; she insinuates that she could reveal their illegal method of obtaining evidence.

When Ji-hyuk brings up the possibility of her staging her insulin overdose, Na-na deliberately plays dumb. She suggests that it could’ve been an employee with access to lớn her office, with instructions from President Cheon, though everyone knows that’s obviously not the case.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Ki-jin gives a press hearing, in which he intentionally reveals Hee-joo’s clothes to lớn the public. He crafts a story about how the Incheon team was concealing evidence, in order to lớn use it in a surprise move to lớn prove Sang-woo’s innocence in the second trial. Not only has Ki-jin discredited the Incheon team, but he’s also manipulated the evidence in his favor.

Taking it one step further, Ki-jin claims that the second person’s bloodstains on the clothes could have been intentionally smeared on after the crime, in order to lớn frame someone. With that, even if the blood is revealed to lớn be Na-na’s, she has a way to lớn explain herself out of suspicion.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

President Cheon gets summoned to lớn the station with a subpoena — Na-na has submitted her doctored audio recording as evidence that President Cheon has it out for her. The interrogation is really just an excuse to lớn talk to lớn President Cheon, though; Ji-hyuk reveals that the police also think it’s simply just a scheme Na-na cooked up.

Of course, Ji-hyuk knows just how to lớn appeal to lớn President Cheon. By pointing out that their investigation into Hee-joo’s murder could kết thúc up exonerating Sang-woo, Ji-hyuk manages to lớn secure President Cheon’s cooperation. The influential president pulls a few strings, and with that, our Incheon team’s investigation is no longer hindered by outside forces.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Eun-hye reports Ki-jin to lớn the prosecution for the incident at Grandpa’s cửa hàng, and the Seoul detective team subsequently gets hit with a tìm kiếm and seizure warrant. Desperate to lớn save his own hide, Ki-jin engineers a plot to lớn sneak boss khủng Gu out of prison. Ki-jin baits boss khủng Gu with a duffel bag of money, a kém chất lượng passport, and even a gun just in case, pretending to lớn arrange for his safe escape.

At the last second, however, Ki-jin pulls out his own gun and aims it at boss khủng Gu. If boss khủng Gu is dead, then he can’t expose Ki-jin for ordering him to lớn murder both Dong-jae and Grandpa. Ready to lớn tie up this last loose kết thúc, Ki-jin prepares to lớn pull the trigger — only to lớn be met with a barrage of warning gunshots.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Yay, our detectives tracked him down just in time! All thanks to lớn Dong-wook, who stumbles out of Ki-jin’s xế hộp trunk, LOL. In the interrogation room, Do-chang and Ji-hyuk get boss khủng Gu to lớn spill the beans with a neat bit of reverse psychology, while Ki-jin stews in his seat.

In a flashback, Dong-jae tells Tae-ho that he received Hee-joo’s corpse at a villa (a.k.a. Na-na’s villa). Except when he called Sang-woo, he fibbed that Hee-joo wasn’t dead yet, and Sang-woo yelled at him to lớn kill her — meaning Sang-woo wasn’t Hee-joo’s murderer.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

We finally see the rest of Tae-ho and Na-na’s conversation on the night of the former’s death. Tae-ho asks why Na-na was here at the villa when Hee-joo died, and in response, she asks if they ever truly loved each other — was he in pain after learning of Hee-joo’s death?

Not knowing that Tae-ho already knows the truth, Na-na attempts to lớn pin the crime on Sang-woo. Tae-ho doesn’t Call her out on her lie, instead declaring that he killed Hee-joo, sánh he’s going to lớn turn himself in.

He asks Na-na to lớn forgive him once he’s released from prison in a decade, but we all know how that panned out. Na-na engineers the xế hộp accident, and we lose one of the most interesting characters of the season.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

At Sang-woo’s second trial, Ji-hyuk admits that the police couldn’t find conclusive evidence that Dong-jae killed Hee-joo, which means there’s reasonable doubt as to lớn Sang-woo’s guilt. Ji-hyuk apologizes on behalf of the team, owning up to lớn their mistake.

It’s a neat parallel to lớn Do-chang from the previous season; this time it’s Ji-hyuk in his place, repeating the exact same words he once said. It should be an emotionally weighted moment, except I don’t think I’m feeling it as much as the show wants bầm to lớn. I wish we saw more of Ji-hyuk’s motivations, because it feels lượt thích he got here without that much struggle (owing to lớn his righteous nature), in comparison to lớn Do-chang.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Sang-woo meets with Do-chang and Ji-hyuk, where he accurately points out that they want him to lớn help uncover the truth behind Hee-joo’s case. He already knows everything about the case, including the evidence and why none of it is conclusive, as well as how Yong-geun is the key to lớn cracking Na-na’s perfect cover story. Stunned, they ask Sang-woo how he knows, and he points out that he had all the time in the world to lớn figure things out while in prison, LOL.

This scene displays another interesting parallel; we’ve seen both siblings eating sweet treats (and with their bare hands at that), just in very different circumstances. Na-na binged a table of cakes in a moment of vulnerability, but here, Sang-woo’s enjoying his desserts from a position of power. It’s an interesting role reversal, and I wish the show expanded upon their sibling conflict more.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

In the TJ carpark, Yong-geun nearly gets clobbered by a motorcyclist with a baseball bat. It’s clearly a warning from Sang-woo, who points out that both sides have it out for him. Sang-woo gives Yong-geun a choice between him or Na-na — who will he tư vấn, and who will he rather get killed by? (LOL, “me” in Korean is na, sánh Sang-woo basically went “Na? Or Na-na?”)

Na-na promotes Yong-geun, and she asks him to lớn be her shadow. She claims that she’ll feel safe having him as her right-hand man, then hints that he should get rid of Ji-hyuk.

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The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Yong-geun makes his decision, and he calls Ji-hyuk to lớn a junkyard, saying he has a voice recording of Na-na to lớn hand over to lớn him. Of course, it’s a trap, and Yong-geun ambushes Ji-hyuk before stabbing him with a knife. Except the knife doesn’t go through — phew, Ji-hyuk wore a bulletproof vest!

Ji-hyuk gains the upper hand in no time, and Yong-geun ends up handcuffed in Ji-hyuk’s xế hộp. Instead of taking him to lớn the police station, however, Ji-hyuk gives Yong-geun one last chance to lớn obtain decisive evidence from Na-na.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

As such, Na-na returns to lớn her office to lớn find a bloody and disheveled Yong-geun waiting for her. Since he’s the only one left who knows the truth of that night, he starts a voice recording on his phone, then asks Na-na to lớn confess that she killed Hee-joo. Yong-geun wants to lớn keep the recording as insurance, sánh that Na-na can’t kill him off too.

Losing her cool, Na-na throws the phone, but Yong-geun doesn’t let up. Relentlessly pushing her buttons until she’s cornered, he eventually pressures her into admitting that she killed Hee-joo. With a dangerous glint in her eyes, she says that they have to lớn trust each other now. Yong-geun agrees, and leaves her office.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16 The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Once she’s alone, Na-na furiously stomps on the broken phone, only to lớn be interrupted by the ringing of her office phone. She answers the Call, and it’s Sang-woo on the other kết thúc of the line. Musing that Yong-geun will need a new phone, he patronizingly croons that she shouldn’t simply destroy things just because she’s unhappy.

Oh, how the tables have turned. It’s Sang-woo doing the surveilling now, and Na-na paces about her office in a hysterical panic, realizing that she’s been caught on a hidden camera and that it’s all over for her. Na-na’s been done in by her very own methods.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

The next morning, in her mother’s villa, Na-na receives a text from Sang-woo. It’s a clip of her murder confession, along with a sticker of a laughing face wishing her good luck. HAHAHA, why is Sang-woo sánh funny! He’s lượt thích an overgrown manchild, and I wish we got to lớn see this side of him earlier.

Our detective team pulls up to lớn the villa, and Ji-hyuk calls Na-na to lớn inform her that they have a warrant. He requests that she open the gates for them, but she screams that she didn’t murder Hee-joo — on the contrary, she tried to lớn save her.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

We see what actually happened that night. Na-na calls Hee-joo to lớn the villa to lớn show her the đoạn Clip of Sang-woo ordering her murder. Shocked, Hee-joo runs to lớn the bathroom to lớn throw up, where she accidentally comes across a positive pregnancy test in the trash can.

When Hee-joo returns to lớn the living room, Na-na instructs her to lớn send the contents of Tae-ho’s máy tính xách tay to lớn the Blue House (thus making her the Blue House informant that landed President Cheon in jail), in exchange for the đoạn Clip clip of Sang-woo that she can use to lớn protect herself. Hee-joo does as told, while Na-na receives a provocative phone Call from Sang-woo that sets her on edge.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

After Hee-joo’s done, she apologizes to lớn Na-na. She says that Tae-ho sincerely loves Na-na, then humbly asks Na-na to lớn please forgive Tae-ho. Then she congratulates Na-na, and remarks that Tae-ho would make a good father.

As Hee-joo leaves, she wishes for Na-na’s happiness, and it’s the last straw. In an impulsive fit of rage, Na-na brings a wine bottle crashing down on Hee-joo’s head, and it ends up killing her. Shocked by how things ended up, Na-na mutters over and over that she didn’t murder her. It was Sang-woo, not her.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Back in the present, Ji-hyuk handcuffs Na-na, though she’s still adamant that it wasn’t her who killed Hee-joo. She keeps a calm facade, but her denials are starting to lớn sound lượt thích empty reassurances that she’s desperately clinging to lớn.

In the hospital, Do-chang and Eun-hye pay a visit to lớn Grandpa, who still hasn’t regained consciousness yet. Tearfully, Do-chang tells Grandpa that he’s finally caught his granddaughter’s murderer. It’s a bittersweet moment, as Do-chang confides in Eun-hye that the driving force behind his determination to lớn catch the culprit was the pain he felt for both the victim and her bereaved family.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Some time later, Do-chang drives his date trang chính. She likes him enough to lớn schedule a second date, but Do-chang gets distracted by an altercation happening on the side of the road. His detective instincts kick in, and he pulls over to lớn break the fight up. By the time he returns to lớn his xế hộp, however, his date is long gone. Ha, some things never change.

We also see our team searching for a dog on their chief’s request, and in the distance, Man-gu comes running over. He’s flailing and screaming, and the reason for his panic quickly becomes apparent — he’s being chased by bees! HAHAHA, the team takes off running, and we kết thúc the season just lượt thích how we started it.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

It’s a relief to lớn finally have Na-na exposed for her crimes, but it was a shame that we didn’t get to lớn see the fallout. Since it was obvious from fairly early on that she was the true culprit, the drama spent much too long going in circles and having her constantly escape the law. If done right, it could be suspenseful and thrilling, but I personally felt that it fell flat and even got tedious at times.

The ending felt rushed in comparison to lớn the amount of time we took to lớn get there, which shortchanged Na-na’s character a fair bit. We saw her descend further and further into an instability of her own making, but we never really got to lớn explore her psyche beyond a few flashback scenes.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

Na-na’s aversion to lớn personal accountability for her own actions spurs her into a habit of lying that’s sánh compulsive she ends up believing her own falsehoods, which is at once repulsive and sympathetic. She grew up under awful circumstances, which definitely warped her perspective, but her subsequent actions were still ultimately her own.

Similar to lớn Tae-ho, Sang-woo is another interesting character that I felt was wasted overall. They say prison changes a man, but I didn’t expect it to lớn be lượt thích this — he’s sánh amusing! I wish the script allowed him to lớn show this side of his character more, instead of simply yelling at people every other sentence.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16

It feels lượt thích the show pulled out all the stops in its final week, but it was too little, too late. I liked the callbacks in these episodes and how we came full circle, but it did feel lượt thích the writer had an idea of the start and kết thúc, and no idea how to lớn connect the middle in a concise and compelling way. It makes the payoff less satisfying phàn nàn it ought to lớn be, and I can’t help but sigh at the show’s wasted potential.

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Still, I did develop a soft spot for our bumbling Incheon team, whose antics gave bầm a healthy dose of laughter each week. I certainly have mixed feelings about a potential third season — don’t make it unless you have a solid script, please — but I wouldn’t be entirely averse to lớn seeing our team in action again.

The Good Detective 2 Episodes 15-16


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