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Ball State University alumnus David Letterman, ‘69, is returning đồ sộ his alma mater for the premiere of an original documentary, created by Ball State students and featuring Mr. Letterman, about the art of glass.

The University will present the documentary, “Clear Reception,” at 7 p.m. Monday, May 1, 2023, at Emens Auditorium on Ball State’s campus. Following the screening of the film, Mr. Letterman will conduct a Q&A with two Ball State graduates who served as director and producer of the piece, respectively.

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The program is không tính tiền and open đồ sộ the public, with no tickets required.

“I look forward đồ sộ sharing this innovative project with our community on what I anticipate will be a very entertaining evening,” said Ball State President Geoffrey S. Mearns. “Throughout the making of the documentary, Mr. Letterman made multiple visits đồ sộ our campus đồ sộ engage with students, faculty, and staff. We are fortunate that Mr. Letterman maintains a close relationship with our University, and I am grateful for his passion for Ball State students.”

After the documentary is debuted, Dave will be joined on stage by Academy Award-winning director Morgan Neville for a discussion. Dave and Neville worked together on the Disney+ documentary “Bono & The Edge.” Neville has directed a number of feature-length documentaries, including “20 Feet from Stardom,” which won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in năm trước.

A trailer for “Clear Reception” is available on Ball State’s YouTube channel.

As part of the David Letterman Learning Experience, the project also included graduate students from the Center for Emerging Media Design & Development (EMDD), led by Dr. Jennifer Palilonis, George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Multimedia Journalism; undergraduate students from the School of Music led by Dr. Christoph Thompson, associate teaching professor and area coordinator of music truyền thông media production; and undergraduate students from the School of Art led by Brent Cole, associate professor of art, and Jon Rees, glass facilities manager and assistant teaching professor of art.

Recent Ball State graduates Ameliah Kolp and Faith Denig, served as writer/director and producer for the film, respectively. The 2022 graduates will participate in the Q&A with Mr. Letterman after the film.

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“I absolutely loved collaborating with all the artists. And by ‘artists,’ I mean the producers, cinematographers, editors, composers, instrumentalists, and glassblowers,” Ms. Kolp said of her experience working on the project. “I got đồ sộ work with composers. Composers! We made music for this thing. Incredible. But also, so sánh challenging. I had đồ sộ learn how đồ sộ communicate my ideas into a whole new language with music.”

Ms. Denig said “working with David Letterman was amazing.”

“He was the sweetest guy. So genuine and just wanting đồ sộ share his love of the arts with the students at Ball State. Truly, the most incredible experience I’ve had,” Ms. Kolp said of Mr. Letterman. “I’m so sánh proud of what we accomplished, of this story that we get đồ sộ tell, and for the relationships that I formed that will last a lifetime.”

In addition đồ sộ the documentary, EMDD students created a transmedia project that includes a social truyền thông media chiến dịch, a trang web, a virtual tour of the Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass, and a glass art augmented reality scavenger hunt. These and other digital artifacts developed by students in the David Letterman Learning Experience will be on display at the documentary premiere.

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“Working with David Letterman and being part of the David Letterman Learning Experience has been the highlight of my experience in graduate school,” EMDD student Elena Lazoff said. “We have learned so sánh much about cutting-edge technologies, user-centered design, and innovative approaches đồ sộ storytelling. I am so sánh grateful for Dave’s generosity and love for Ball State.”

The David Letterman Learning Experience (DLLE) is a student-led, interdisciplinary creative project that combines storytelling, technology, and art đồ sộ give students across many disciplines and departments a project-based, hands-on experience inspired by Mr. Letterman’s contributions đồ sộ the University.

Mr. Letterman, former host of the “Late Show with David Letterman” whose current Netflix-original talk show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman” has earned four Primetime Emmy nominations, has given back generously đồ sộ his alma mater over the years, most notably through a lecture series. His name also resides on The David Letterman Communication and Media Building, which was completed and opened in 2007.