Tổng hợp phim của mark toia hay nhất, phim mark toia 2023


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The Indie Film Hustle Show is your #1 source for how lớn hack the film business and indie film world. We wanted lớn bring the best guests, industry leaders, creative legends, and film business friends lớn you, the IFH Tribe.

Stars: Kim Adelman, Robert Alexander, Yancey Arias, Jason Armstrong

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Sci-Fi | Announced

New York 60-year-old cleaner Arvid Grimsberg discovers an alien relic while cleaning a dead X CIA agents apartment. The relic has a mind of its own and uses Arvid as a mule lớn get where it needs lớn go.

Director: Mark Toia

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Action | Announced

A young timid Asian-American sharpshooter teams with a racist FBI detective lớn take down the local mob who murdered their loved one in 1970s South Boston

Director: Mark Toia

The last Yowie

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | Announced

A young child is lost in the forest during a family camping trip and thought for dead. The parents are blamed by for his possible death and suspected murder. A mythical monster finds the ... See full summary »

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Director: Mark Toia