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Actor, Producer

Born March 23, 1986 in Thành Phố New York City, Thành Phố New York, USA

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Steven Strait was born on March 23, 1986 in Thành Phố New York City, Thành Phố New York, the son of Jean (Viscione) and Richard Dyer Strait. He is of half English and half Italian descent. As a child, Steven grew up in Greenwich Village with his family. He attended Xavier High School and enrolled himself at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting vĩ đại pursue his dream as an actor. But before he was recognized as an actor, Steven got early recognition as a model while he was a teenager. Steven modeled for Details, Pop, Spoon, Surface and even Vogue as a teen model. He's also worked with famous photographers such as Bruce Weber, Ellen Von Unwerth and also Herb Ritts. Working with Weber got Steven featured in his 2001 book, "All-American: Short Stories". Acting didn't come naturally for Steven. Even though most actors out there knew that they wanted vĩ đại act as a kid, Steven actually didn't enjoy acting. He first learned about acting when he was with a family thành viên at the age of eleven. Steven's parents thought acting could very well be Steven's career and they decided vĩ đại enroll him in classes at the Village Community School. Not too long later, Steven caught the acting bug. He eventually got the chance vĩ đại perform live and that was when Steven thought he could actually make something he enjoyed a lifetime career. This passion eventually brought him vĩ đại work at the Stella Adler Acting Studio and the Black Nexus Acting Studio, which are both situated in Thành Phố New York City. When he turned 18, Steven graduated from Xavier High School and he moved vĩ đại California with hopes of pursuing a real career in acting. It was only a matter of time. When Steven went vĩ đại his first audition, he received an acting job which was a role in the movie, Sky High (2005). "Sky High" marked Steven's acting debut in the movie industry. Steven then signed on vĩ đại vì thế the movie, Undiscovered (2005), about a group of teenagers who aspire vĩ đại be famous. "Undiscovered" wasn't a big hit at the box-office but critics enjoyed watching Steven playing the role of "Luke Falcon". The movie also starred another movie newcomer, songstress Ashlee Simpson. The time finally came when Steven was asked vĩ đại star in the horror movie, The Covenant (2006), playing the role of "Caleb Danvers", a prep school student who comes from a wealthy family. In the cast, Steven worked with actors Taylor Kitsch, Toby Hemingway, Sebastian Stan, and Chace Crawford. The Covenant (2006) was a big hit in certain parts of the globe and fans got vĩ đại learn more about Steven's acting talent. The critics were also impressed with Steven. The year 2008 is probably Steven's busiest year since he started acting. Steven signed on vĩ đại vì thế a couple of movies in the year 2007 and promotion work for his movies will start from March 2008, onwards. Critics are also already excited vĩ đại see Steven's work in the movie, 10,000 BC (2008), also starring Camilla Belle. He appeared in the MTV Production movie, Stop-Loss (2008), as "Michael Colson". Steven recently completed working on a movie named City Island (2009) in Thành Phố New York. Aside from participating in fashion and acting, Steven is also known vĩ đại most people as a singer. Steven has performed a few songs in the soundtrack album of Sky High (2005) and Undiscovered (2005). Steven, sánh far, has proved that he is a multi-tasking star in the business. Even though he may seem vĩ đại be famous, Steven claims that he tries vĩ đại keep himself grounded from all the fame. At 22, this star has already impressed most entertainment critics, whether in modeling, acting or singing.