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May 2, 2022

Thật sự là trong năm này tôi đã "mở lòng" rộng lớn với lightnovel, sau thời điểm xem sách của

Một phần khiến cho bản thân gọi cuốn sách này là loại tựa, bìa đẹp mắt và nó chuẩn bị tung ra Phim đem thể.

Về nội dung: Để cứu vớt các bạn bản thân bay ngoài biểu hiện bị tóm gọn nạt, cậu học viên trung học tập Toru Kamiya đang được đồng ý lời nói đòi hỏi của toán bắt nạt rằng, Toru tiếp tục tỏ tình với con bạn Maori Hino lớp kề bên. Và vô tình, này lại chính thức cho 1 nguyệt lão tình kỳ kỳ lạ.
Nhưng Toru ko hiểu được, con bạn Maori phạm phải 1 căn căn bệnh kỳ lạ sau tai nạn ngoài ý muốn - cứ từng tối sau thời điểm chìm nhập giấc mộng, cô ấy tiếp tục gạt bỏ từng ký ức của ngày ngày qua. Liệu nguyệt lão tình này tiếp tục kéo dài?

Mình thực trường hợp bất ngờ xay bạn dạng thân thích, đơn giản mẩu chuyện nghe dường như buồn và xứng đáng chờ mong. Nhưng tiếc, 30% trôi qua chuyện tuy nhiên không tồn tại gì thú vị bản thân cả, bản thân cảm nhận thấy tất cả thiệt thông thường (ngoài gia đạo của Toru.) Mình đang được hứa sẽ không còn add tăng cuốn sách nào là nhập kệ DNF, gọi không khớp thì drop. Nhưng bản thân suy nghĩ cuốn sách này hoàn toàn có thể với kỳ vọng nên add nhập DNF vậy.

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May 15, 2022

English translation of the title:
This Night, even if Love should disappear in this World

Loved it. Fast, entertaining read about pure love of teenagers with heartbreak and tears. I can imagine that the story would be well translated into a movie or a short tv series. Even though parts of the book are cliche, the flow and pace of the story was well made. There were just some weaknesses but it was an entertaining read overall.

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March 14, 2023

“Back then, there was a lot I didn't understand. On a practical level, how to lớn tell a girl I liked her when I didn't. On a philosophical level, death. On a poetic level, love.
And then I added another thing to lớn the list. Myself.”

Made má cry… lượt thích really hard. Wish I could read it in Japanese and fully capture the essence of the book but it was really beautiful I loved it sánh much

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January 19, 2023

i debated with myself on how many star i should give this book and decided to lớn go with 4 stars.

i first read this book because the movie adaptation is played by micchi and rikoㅡand i ended up loving this!

this is definitely not mindblowing oh-so-amazing piece of literature out there. the storyline is cliche and predictable. but does it take away my enjoyment? absolutely not! i enjoyed my time reading this book and i feel connection with the characters. this book make má feel something: love, happiness, sadness. a very heartwarming, yet sad story.

tooru is a great character and seeing his character growth throughout this book is amazing. the writer surely write him as a dream guy: read books, family boy, kind, care about people around him a lot, head over heels for his girlfriend and try his hardest to lớn give her happiness, always respectful. he's perfect. and i usually hate this kind of character, but tooru was written in the best way possible that i just can't hate him!

maori's condition is interesting one. i also enjoy reading her narration and point of view. she is such a strong and xinh tươi girl! sánh, tự izumi! i'm glad the writer also gives us her perspective as someone who see the two characters' growth.

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September 28, 2023

It started as a 4.5 star book and ended up being 3-3.5. The whole time I was reading, my cheeks hurt from smiling at their love story. It was such a heartwarming, pure story of first love. I never got bored finishing the book but I must say, I was disappointed with how things turned out at the kết thúc. I knew it was supposed to lớn be a sad story but it felt lượt thích author just wanted to lớn create some drama for the sake of drama. It could've been such a great read if the author just relaxed a bit and didn't stress sánh much on creating shock effects. I still wan't to lớn read the sequel book but I hope, that one won't rely on the possibility of making readers cry to lớn make the book memorable.

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December 28, 2022

This was a short, sweet love story; a boy who'll tự anything for the girl he loves, and the girl falls in love with him every day they're together. Maori Hino has anterograde amnesia, where she loses all her memories of the previous day after she wakes up. She has no recollection of anything she's done since before her accident that caused her to lớn lose all her memories, and is basically, stuck in her 2nd year of highschool. Hino is stuck in the cycle of: wake up, read journal, diaries and notes about herself, eat, school, sleep, repeat. While reading, I only imagine how hard this must've been on her family and friend Wataya, to lớn have to lớn tell her every day that she's not the same Hino she was the day before. (they refer to lớn her quite often as "yesterday's Hino" or "tomorrow's Hino.")

Cliché circumstances then allow her to lớn meet Tooru Kamiya, who is the other protagonist of this story. Most of the story is told from his point of view (it changes between the two of them) and we learn that he's from a poor family, and has some family issues of his own. The story then follows the two of them navigating their life as a (fake!!) couple, but with a catch; Hino doesn't remember anything she does with Tooru, and falls in love with him slowly, each day they spend together.

This review probably doesn't make much sense (I apologize), but the story itself is confusing to lớn explain. Throughout the book, the pov switches between the two of them, and there are many timeskips, which usually really bothers má because it makes the story sánh much more confusing, but in this story, it works because it explains why certain events happened the way they did.

My last comments are this; you'll most definitely feel how predictable the story is, but will cherish their sweet moments nonetheless. If you're a người yêu thích of wholesome, tearjerker short romance stories, this is perfect for you! I feel lượt thích the kém chất lượng dating trop was quite unnecessary, but it still fits within the story. If you decide to lớn read the story, enjoy!

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February 16, 2023


Tooru , a high school boy in Tokyo, is ordered by a kid who is bullying his friend to lớn tell a girl he doesn’t know that he wants her to lớn be his girlfriend. To spare his friend any more abuse, he does this, and to lớn his surprise, she agrees to lớn be his girlfriend, with strict conditions such as not speaking to lớn each other until after school and not falling in love. Eventually Tooru learns that the girl, Maori, has anterograde amnesia, meaning that she can’t ever remember what happened the day before, due to lớn an accident. She keeps copious notes, enabling her to lớn function in a somewhat normal manner when she encounters someone she’d interacted with in the recent past. Tooru makes it his mission to lớn make every day a happy one for Maori, and of course he does fall in love with her. This novel is a meditation on the nature of reality — if something isn’t remembered, is it real? — and also an expression of the most profound kindness. Tooru creates happy times with the knowledge that there can be no expectation of the person he’s devoted to lớn realizing what he has done for her. Very thoughtful and moving.

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March 27, 2023

I picked up this book thinking it was going to lớn be a xinh tươi comfort story.

But man I was sánh wrong TvT

I actually cried and it’s lượt thích “wth?” Bc it’s hard for a book to lớn make má cry.
Overall I lượt thích how the characters develop, their emotions penetrate from the page into your body toàn thân and mind. Although I didn’t get the ending I thought I would it’s still satisfying and leaves you feeling calm and nội dung.

I also really liked the author’s note at the kết thúc. I’ll quote a sentence here:
“Just as death is a part of life, we all lose all kinds of things even as we gain others. Only when we lose them tự we understand their true value.”

This book was definitely worth every bit of money.

Fav quote from the story: “A poet once called cherry blossoms snow that never knew the sky.”

July 26, 2022

Currently in the endless loop of reading this book → listening to lớn the theme tuy nhiên of the book’s adapted movie → cry
I’m such a sucker for tragedy romance

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February 10, 2023

Amazing Book!
My favorite read of January.

Honest opinion: it started out generic - a social-invisible MC, usual high school things, and a joyful woman. - the twist of amnesia was already spoiled in the synopsis sánh the events leading up to lớn the reveal wasn't surprising at all.

However, the events that lead after gives you roller coasters of emotion. One minute you feel lượt thích smiling, in the next.. you feel sorrowful for the Girl MC, and the Guy MC's family.
and then let's talk about the actual twist of the story, that just gave the title of this book another meaning.

it was fast-paced, and everything that happens after.. you can't just put down the book.
I'm looking forward to lớn 'If This Tears Disappears Tonight'

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July 6, 2023

A bittersweet book. It talks about taking things for granted and how only after people lose things or others that they realize how truly special they are. I personally think the writing of Hino is beautiful. Although all the characters are amazingly written, Hino especially stood out to lớn má. She’s stuck in the past, time moves without her, she watches as others move with time, her being unable to lớn. Everyday is another version of her, no version of her being truly her. The agony and pain of not being able to lớn remember the important and significant moments and people of her life is what made her character enjoyable to lớn read. Because it gave her depth. I really enjoyed this novel.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

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May 11, 2023

i feel lượt thích if i read this book in its original language i would be more moved and it would feel more ‘flowy.’ the translation wasnt very good which made the rating lower but some sentences did stick and made má think about my life. i did tear up a bit but i felt that making Tooru die was a bit too hm.. sudden and random. it felt lượt thích it didnt belong in the book and the author was just purely putting that there to lớn make an emotional scene. lastly, this book made má feel very single.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

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May 14, 2023

Đọc đoạn rồi bản thân mới nhất coi bạn dạng phim
Mặc mặc dù giọng văn đảm bảo chất lượng, xây đắp anh hùng, trường hợp cũng tốt
Tuy nhiên thì tình tiết Kamiya bị tiêu diệt vì như thế bệnh tim mạch lại khá là với phần gượng gạo xay nhằm đẩy mẩu chuyện cho tới kết thúc đẩy thảm kịch, và những phân đoạn đằng sau thời điểm Kamiya bị tiêu diệt cũng ko vừa đủ sức nhằm lắc động mình
:D song thì vẫn ko hối hận hận khi đọc
Vì tuy nhiên bản thân thấy phim dễ dàng truyền đạt xúc cảm rộng lớn tuy nhiên cần xem sách bản thân mới nhất hiểu biết thêm được rất nhiều mang đến tiết rộng lớn

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.


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June 11, 2023


this was sososo xinh tươi. heartbreaking! but cute!!!!

"i wanted to lớn tell her without words that falling in love was making my life better."

"she wasn't escaping. she was heading toward something."

"so let yourself get hurt. fail a few times and learn something from it."

"if you want to lớn move forward in life, you have to lớn experience pain. you can't run rẩy from it. you can't get drunk on yourself and evade it."


January 21, 2022

솔직히 말하자면..
처음에는 인스타에 올라온 것을 보고 읽고 싶은 생각이 들었다.
마침 친구가 그 책을 갖고 있길래 빌려서 읽어보았는데..
음.. 일단 빨리 읽게 되는? 확실히 독자들을 빨려 들게 하는 매력은 있다. 하지만 결말이 너무 맘에 안들었다. 물론 난 새드엔딩을 엔딩 중에서 제일 좋아하긴 하는데 이 책의 결말을 솔직히 조금 억지 같았달까? 마지막에 여운을 남게 하려고 노력한 게 빤히 보여지니 읽으면서 몰입이 깨졌다. 앞에 조금 언급을 했더라면 좋았을텐데 말이다.
읽은 시간이 아까울 정도 까지는 아니고 그저 아쉬울 뿐이다. 추천은 아니지만 결말이 궁금하다면 읽는 것도 나쁘지 않을듯

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September 23, 2022

Literally made má cry for 3 hours. 3rd book I finished in Korean! Yes it’s a bit cliche but still powerful. I literally cried for 80 pages sánh maybe that could have been a little less drawn-out. The last 10 pages could have been cut, because I really really liked the page before those as an ending. I’m still sniffling and it’s been half an hour since I finished it.

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August 9, 2023

I really lượt thích this book, i think the author did a great job writing. On the 2nd to lớn last chapter it was sánh heart wrenching i was crying until the book ended. I feel lượt thích the MC dying wasnt necessary but this is a great book if u feel lượt thích crying.
Honestly to lớn má this book was just about them having fun and being teenagers. I really enjoyed this heartbreaking story, imma go cry again 😭🫶🏻

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

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April 17, 2023

This book was amazing! It not only grips you to lớn the romance, but it gives you perspective of more than thở just the protagonist. This also đơn hàng with grief, dealing with an illness and moving on with life.

6 reviews

June 1, 2023

A very bittersweet teen romance.. i can feel the sincerity in Tooru’s actions and Maori’s efforts which made everything quite literally sánh admirable. It includes alot of realism and the message behind it is heart touching. Definitely worth reading!

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June 7, 2023

A touching love story that tugs at your heart strings towards the kết thúc. I dare say this rivals I want to lớn eat your pancreas by Yoru Sumino. 5 out of 5 stars 🤩. The character development was superb, the story touching and sad.

September 19, 2023


“The world that our hearts draw never fades.”

This is a YA book, but it’s really powerful emotionally, and especially to lớn má, personally. The writing was suitable for the age group, and yet pretty. I’m curious if there is a literary fiction version out there somewhere…

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.

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September 26, 2023

yes a few parts were cliche, tự i care? no. you know when you feel angst sánh viscerally you feel it in your stomach? yeah. no it’s not a tragedy but i went into this fully expecting a xinh tươi typical romance ,, oh how wrong i was

October 2, 2023

3 ⭐️ má estaba debatiendo si deberian ser 4 pero el final no se sintio apropiado no se como explicarlo no fue tan apresurado pero algo falto nó la lectura se hizo lenta en algunos momentos sin embargo má gusto nó lo ngại recomendaria si alguien quiere leer una historia linda pero triste.

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17 reviews

April 22, 2022

읽기는 되게 빨리 읽고 쉽게 몰입할 수 있는 글이었다. 클리셰한 요소도 있고 마지막엔 약간 억지감동스러운 전개도 있는 딱 전형적인 일본 청춘물. 봄과 여름의 느낌을 많이 풍기니 영화화되면 꽤 재밌고 흥행할것 같다. 시간풀이로 읽기 좋은 책.

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December 22, 2022

کتاب قشنگی بود ولی وقتی ناخودآگاه آدم با شخصیت پردازی و فضاسازی و... یکسری کتاب ها مقایسش میکنه ، نمیتونه بیشتر از یکی ، دو ستاره بده به این کتاب .

«۱ / دی / ۰۱»

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December 28, 2022

Easily the best novel I’ve read this year. A piece of literary masterwork. A taste of melancholy—on love, friendship, and all things living.